Language Arts Quizzes

Language Arts Quizzes

Variable Verbs Quiz
Adjective Awareness Quiz
Tackling Tenses Quiz
Mixed Up Modifiers: Adjective or Adverb Quiz
Find the Complete Subject Quiz
Find the Predicate Quiz
Confusing Words: Accept/Except, Affect/Effect Quiz
Confusing Words: Their/There/They're, Who's/Whose Quiz
Ending Punctuation Quiz
Antonym Quiz
Searching for Synonyms Quiz
Capitalization Quiz
Proper Noun or Common Noun Quiz
Prefix Practice Quiz
Select the Suffix Quiz
Pronoun Contractions Quiz
Possessive Nouns Quiz
Adjectives - Comparative and Superlative Quiz
Common Nouns Quiz
Conjunction Quiz
Punctuation - Grade 2 Quiz
Punctuation - Grade 3 Quiz
Punctuation - Grade 4 Quiz
Parts of Speech Quiz
Complete Sentences Quiz
Prepositions of Place Quiz
Prepositions of Time Quiz
Confusing Words: Some/Any Quiz
Confusing Words: For/Since Quiz
Reflexive Pronouns Quiz
Personal Pronouns Quiz
Possessive Pronouns Quiz
Part/Whole Analogies Quiz
Function/Purpose Analogies Quiz
Cause/Effect Analogies Quiz
Characteristic Action Analogies Quiz
Linking Verbs Quiz
Pronouns As Subject Quiz
Adverbs Quiz
Desert/Dessert, Lose/Loose, Quiet/Quite Quiz
Your/You're, Farther/Further, Lie/Lay, Lay/Laid Quiz
Break/Brake, Week/Weak, No/Know Quiz
Apostrophe Use 1 Quiz
Apostrophe Use 2 Quiz
Identifying Nouns - 1 Quiz
Identifying Nouns - 2 Quiz
Pronoun Practice Quiz
Relative Pronouns Quiz
Using Commas Quiz
Root Words Quiz
Root Words II Quiz
Using Context Clues Quiz
Reading Comprehension - 4th grade Quiz
Drawing Conclusions Quiz
Reading Comprehension Quiz
Comprehension Quiz
Facts vs. Opinions Quiz
Reading Comprehension Quiz
Fact or Opinion? Quiz
Cause and Effect Quiz
Sequencing Quiz
Sequencing Quiz
Cause and Effect Quiz
Sequencing Quiz
Sequencing Events in Order Quiz
Facts and Opinions Quiz
Direct Objects Quiz
What's the Main Idea? Quiz
Complete Sentence or Fragment Quiz
Statement or Question Quiz
Indirect Objects Quiz
Nouns in Subjects Quiz
Nouns in Subjects 2 Quiz
Can and May Quiz
Book Titles - Capitalization Quiz
Context Clues Quiz
Four Kinds of Sentences Quiz
Spelling: Plurals Quiz
Spelling: Plurals - Part 2 Quiz
Adjectives preceded by "more" Quiz
Because and So Quiz
Proofreading Quiz
Homophone Quiz
Antonyms Quiz
Sentence Types Quiz
Concrete Nouns Quiz
Comprehension Fill-Ins Quiz
Main Idea Quiz
Abstract Nouns Quiz
Common Nouns Quiz
Proper Nouns Quiz
Countable Nouns Quiz
Story Sequence Quiz
Real or Make-Believe? Quiz
Non-countable Nouns Quiz
Collective Nouns Quiz
Idioms Quiz
Noun Plurals Quiz
Simple Past or Present Perfect? Quiz
Gerund or Infinitive? Quiz
Comma Quiz
Verb Tenses 2 Quiz
Capitalization and Punctuation Quiz
Proverbs 1 Quiz
Proverbs 2 Quiz
After/When Quiz
Parts of Speech Quiz
Confusing Words - Good/Well Quiz
Verb Disagreement Quiz
Confusing Words - I/Me/My Quiz
Real Or Make Believe? Quiz
Dr. Seuss Quiz
Common Abbreviations Quiz
Fact or Fiction Quiz
Name the Poet Quiz
Shakespeare Quotes Quiz
Literary Genres Quiz
Analogies: Synonyms, Antonyms, Part to Whole Quiz
Analogies: Thanksgiving Theme Quiz
Christmas Analogies Quiz
Christmas synonyms Quiz
Improving Sentences Quiz
Greek Mythology Quiz
Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Art Quiz
Greek Art - Archaic, Classical, & Hellenistic Quiz
Etruscan and Roman Art Quiz

More Grammar Quizzes

Proper Nouns Quiz
Pronouns Quiz
Helping Verbs Quiz
Direct Objects Quiz
Indirect Objects Quiz
Quotation Marks Quiz
Complete sentence or a fragment Quiz
Subject - Verb Agreement Quiz
Noun - Pronoun Agreement Quiz
Because/So Quiz
Confusing Words - Can/May Quiz
Its/it's Quiz
And/But/Or Words Quiz
Phrase or Clause Quiz
Sentence Types Quiz
Subject - Verb Agreement Quiz
Commas in Dates Quiz
Commas in Places Quiz
Identifying Nouns Quiz
Functions of Nouns Quiz
Nouns as Modifiers Quiz
Subject - Verb Agreement Quiz
Plural Noun Forms Quiz
Confusing Words - Among/Between Quiz
Confusing Words - Like/As Quiz
Correlative Conjunctions Quiz
Correlative Conjunctions Quiz
Confusing Words - Whose/Who's Quiz
Confusing Words - Rise/Raise Quiz
Confusing Words Teach/Learn Quiz
Statement Or Question Quiz
Noun Subordinate Clauses Quiz
Confusing Words - Who/Whom Quiz
Confusing Words – Which/That Quiz
Figurative Language Quiz
Common Grammar Mistakes Quiz
Similes Quiz
Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz
Idiomatic Expressions Quiz
Idioms 2 Quiz
Identifying Subordinate (Dependent) Clauses Quiz
Recognizing Subordinate Clause Types Quiz
Subject/Verb Agreement – Singular or Plural Quiz
Easily Confused Verb Pairs Quiz
Contractions Quiz
Tricky Singular Subjects Quiz
Misplaced Modifiers Quiz

Literature Summaries
Fahrenheit 451 Summary
The Great Gatsby Summary

Frankenstein Summary
Macbeth Summary

Literature Worksheets
Literary Terms Examples

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