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Singular subjects take singular verbs. Plural subjects take plural verbs. This is easy to do in simple sentences, but it's harder in complex sentences.
When the subject and verb are separated, you have to ignore what's in between and just look at the subject and the verb. Usually the subject comes first in a sentence.
When the sentence order is reversed, you have to look carefully for the subject and verb to be sure they agree.
Indefinite pronouns (everybody, everyone, anyone, anything) take a singular verb. Just remember "-body", "-one", and "-thing.
The pronouns who, which, and that can be either singular or plural. It depends on the noun they are taking the place of. When those pronouns take the place of a singular noun, they need a singular verb. When they take the place of a plural noun, they need a plural verb. Select the correct tense (singular or plural) for the verbs in the following sentences.

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