Grammar : Verb Tenses 2 Quiz

*Theme/Title: Verb Tenses 2
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Verb tenses show when an action takes place.
The present tense (verb) or (verb + s/es in third person) shows that something is happening in the present but does not show when it will end.
The present continuous tense (am/is/are + present participle) shows something that is happening in the present that will have a definite end.
The past tense (verb+ed except irregular verbs) shows that something happened in the past.
The past perfect tense (had + past participle) shows something that happened in the past before another something else. Usually, the past perfect and the past tense are used in the same sentence.
The future tense (will + verb) or (am/is/are + going to + verb) shows that something will happen in the future.
Choose the correct form of the verb that is in parentheses in the following sentences.

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