The Poet X Quotes

"No one, not even your twin brother,/ will understand the burden/ you feel because of your birth;/ your mother has sight for nothing/ but you two and God;/ your father seems to be serving/ a penance, an oath of solitary silence." (21)

"I should hate Caridad. She's all my parents want in a daughter./ She's everything I could never be." (30)

"Is this what Ms. Galiano thinks/ I'm going to do in her poetry club?" (78)

"He looks nothing like me./ He's small. Scrawny." (98)

"In bio/ Aman's hand has started/ finding mine inside the desk." (128)

"We never kiss so publicly but with his lips on mine/ I realize I want the same thing." (189)

"Mami drags me by my shirt to her altar of the Virgin. Pushes me down until I kneel." (198)

"'Cuero,' she calls me to my face./ The Dominican word for ho." (205)

"I'm sorry I got in trouble./ I'm sorry I have to be here./ That I have to pretend to you and her/ that I care about confirmation at all./ But I'm not sorry I kissed a boy." (226)

"But it turns out Cody's father/ is being relocated for his job/ after winter break and Cody/ thinks long distance will be too hard./ So he broke it off with Twin." (271)

"She holds me off with the lit match,/ but I make another grab/ and the smoking book falls to the floor./ We both reach for it/ and just as my fingers grace the cover,/ feel the etched woman on the leather,/ my mother slaps me back hard onto my ass." (305)

"For the next couple of weeks,/ my mother and I work to break down/ some of the things that have built up between us." (342)

"I only know that learning to believe in the power of my own words has been the most freeing experience of my life." (357)

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