The Poet X Pages 95-150 Summary

Xiomara's brother is so smart that he is a grade ahead of her in high school. Since they attend different schools, they are not as close as they used to be. They don't tell each other about the relationships in their lives. Aman has been texting Xiomara. She is enjoying school more, wishing she could go to the Spoken Word Poetry Club. Ms. Galiano writes a note on her assignment, encouraging her to come. The next time she meets us with Aman, he asks her to recite one of her poems. She asks Aman about his mom who he says was supposed to come over from Trinidad with him, but she never did.

In confirmation class Father Sean talks about how the story of Eve is a parable about resisting temptation. Xiomara speaks up about how the Bible makes no sense. Father Sean talks to her after class about how he thinks maybe she wants to talk about things other than Eve. Xiomara spots a picture of him boxing and asks if he still fights, which he does only occasionally.

For her second assignment for Ms. Galiano, Xiomara is supposed to write the last paragraphs of her biography. She wants to write about how tough she is, but instead she turns in an explanation of how she became a famous writer who started a nonprofit organization to help first-generation teenage girls go to college.

Xiomara's relationship with Aman is progressing. He asks her about church and when they talk about poetry, she says she thinks her stage name would be the Poet X. Xiomara wonders who Twin is secretly texting at night, which she notices because they share a room, but instead she asks him about going to a movie on Halloween. That week the fire alarm goes off during school, so Xiomara and Aman decide to skip class instead of returning. They go to the park and make out. On the train Aman asks her to go to a party with him on Halloween, which she wants to do, but there is no way her mother would approve.

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