The Poet X Pages 151-206 Summary

Xiomara thinks everyone can tell that she's been kissing a boy just by looking at her. She asks Twin if he knew that Father Sean's mother had died, and he said that it happened three years ago. Xiomara was surprised she hadn't noticed. A few days later Twin comes home with a black eye, and Xiomara doesn't know why. She texts Caridad to see if she would mind if she didn't go to the movies with her and Twin on Halloween because she wants to go to the party with Aman instead. Xiomara makes a costume out of her brother's Green Lantern t-shirt and some green eye shadow. She arrives at Reuben's House and finds Aman dressed up as the Hulk. They dance together and then Aman asks if she wants to go back to his place, which is nearby. She says no, but she recites a poem for him before meeting up with her brother and Caridad.

After mass on Sunday, Caridad invites Xiomara to her house to braid her hair. On Monday after school Xiomara goes to see Twin at his school and finds him with a red-haired white boy holding his hand. Twin is surprised to see her and sends her away. On the train ride Twin explains that the boys name is Cody, and Xiomara knows for sure that her brother is gay.

She writes her third assignment for school about how misunderstood Nicki Minaj is. A boy named Chris visits her class to read a poem and invite them to a poetry club meeting. Xiomara thinks about how she would like to compete in the Poetry Slam in February. Then she remembers how she and Twin would always go ice skating each year on their birthday, January 8. They hadn't gone in the last few years though. Aman asks her if she wants to go ice skating on their day off, and she agrees. Aman actually loves winter sports and is a great skater. He's from Trinidad, so he was fascinated by snow. After they skate, she and Aman make out on the train ride home. When she arrives home though, she hears her mother yelling about how she saw a dirty boy with his tongue down her throat. When her mother finally drags her from her room, she takes her to the altar of the Virgin Mary and makes her kneel on rice to pray and ask for forgiveness. She calls her a cuero, which is the Dominican word for whore.

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