The Poet X Pages 315-357 Summary

Twin tries texting Xiomara after she runs out of the house, but she doesn't respond. Instead she texts Aman that she needs to talk. She calls Caridad on the way to the train and tells her to check on Twin. When she gets off at 168th Street, it's snowing. She smells Aman's cologne before he reaches for her hand. She sees that he's shivering because he didn't have time to put on socks and is only wearing a thin hoodie, so she asks if he wants to go back to his house. She feels strange going to his house alone, but he turns on some soca music, and they sit together on his couch. They apologize to one another before they begin to kiss. Her clothes come off, and although she likes it, she knows they have to stop. She feels guilty and fears that he will tell her to leave, but he hands her his t-shirt to wipe away her tears. They watch highlights of the Winter Games on YouTube. They eat eggs and plantains. Then they doze off together.

When she walks into class the next day, Xiomara can tell Ms. Galiano knows she's wearing the same clothes that she wore yesterday. Ms. Gliano said that she was concerned when X ran out of Poetry Club, so she called her family who sounded worried because they didn't know where Xiomara was. Xiomara admits that she did not call them because she hates her mother so much. She gets support all day from Aman, Isabelle, and Ms. Galiano, who gives X her phone number just in case. She finds Twin and Caridad waiting for her outside of school, so she introduces them to Aman. They stop on the way home to pick up Father Sean. He speaks to Xiomara's mother, who begins to cry. They are able to apologize and hug. Xiomara's family meets with Father Sean once a week to talk and work through their problems.

Everyone wants to attend the Poetry Slam to support Xiomara. The rules state that poems must be less than three minutes long, original work, without music, costumes, or props. Xiomara tells herself not to faint, or stumble, or walk away without finishing. The Poetry Club encourages her to perform from the heart. A week before she practices a poem in front of her family, who is very encouraging. Before the slam, Aman surprises Xiomara with a poem that he wrote for her. At the slam, Xiomara sees everyone in the audience cheering her on. They celebrate afterward at her house, and her dad dances with her.

For her fifth writing assignment, Xiomara has to explain her favorite quote. She chooses a psalm about the power of words. She believes in their power and compares poetry to a lantern glowing in the dark.

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