Dracula Chapter 4 Summary

When Jonathan wakes up, he is in his room and unsure if the events in chapter III were a dream. There is evidence of Dracula having carried him back to his room, and Jonathan is relieved that the Count did not find his diary. He does, however, ask Jonathan to write three letters home. In doing so, Jonathan also tries to send letters (one in shorthand to Mina) with the gypsies. His hopes are dashed when the Count bring these letters back to him, angry about Jonathan's betrayal. The gypsies are also under his control. Jonathan realizes that his door has been locked from the outside. Upon hearing horses in the courtyard below, Harker tries to get the attention of the Szgany, but they refuse to even look at him. Jonathan then sees Dracula emerge from his window wearing the very same clothes Jonathan wore upon arrival. As Jonathan waits for the Count's return, a calm steals over him upon seeing specks floating on the moonlight-he is being hypnotized.

Jonathan then hears a woman yelling below his window. Since Dracula was wearing Jonathan's clothing, the woman thinks he is the "monster" that stole her child. He sees wolves come into the courtyard, and they leave "licking their lips."

Since Jonathan has never seen Dracula in the daylight, he decides to go out the window to look for an escape. Dracula is not in his room, but Jonathan sees dust covered furniture and a big pile of gold. All of the coins are at least 300 years old. He sees an open door and follows the sickening smell of overturned dirt. Harker discovers fifty boxes with the Count sleeping or dead, his eyes open and menacing, in one of them. At this point he runs back to his room.

Harker wishes he has some deadly weapon with which to kill the Count, but he believes it would not harm him-at this point Harker thinks Dracula to be supernatural. When the Count sees him, he reassures Jonathan that a coach will be coming to take him on his journey home. That next morning Harker wakes early and goes to the Count's room once again. This time he notices that Dracula's youth has been renewed. With blood running over his chin, it is clear what has rejuvenated him. Harker grabs a shovel and raises it to strike the Count in the face. His eyes startle so much Harker that he only grazes his forehead. His last journal entry contains a goodbye to Mina. He will try to scale the wall again in order to escape.

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