Dracula Chapter 2 Summary

Jonathan Harker marvels at the size of Caste Dracula. He has lost his sense of time and says he must have fallen asleep when they approached the place. The driver helps him out of the caleche and Jonathan notices the strength of his grip, describing it as a "steel vice." He is left at the door alone and feeling as if this was all a nightmare. He even pinches himself to make sure he is not sleeping With no knocker or bell to use, he waits until he hears the sound of chains and bolts (gothic elements) and the door is opened. A tall man with a long white mustache, dressed entirely in black, stands before him. Dracula then states the well-known line: "Enter freely and of your own will." This implies that the devil can only do business with willing clients. As soon as Jonathan crosses the threshold, Dracula grasps his hand with a strength that makes him wince. His hand is also very cold. He takes Jonathan into a warm, comfortable bedroom and then to a proper supper of roast chicken. There are no servants around and Dracula says he has already eaten, so Jonathan eats alone. After dinner Jonathan sits with him to talk and notices more about the Count's appearance. His face is "strong" with an "aquiline" nose and large forehead. He is extremely hairy; even his eyebrows are bushy. His lips are "cruel" looking and quite red with pointed canine teeth that go over his bottom lip. His skin is very pale and his ears are pointed at the tops. Dracula has hair in his palms, pointed nails, and his breath is so terrible it makes Jonathan feel nauseated. At this point, Jonathan is filled with fear; his mind is imagining all types of terrible things. This illuminates the theme of rational versus irrational.

Upon waking the next day, Jonathan eats and explores the castle. He finds a library that is full of books of all types. When Dracula enters he tells Harker that he can go anywhere in the castle except where the doors are locked. It is quite obvious that the Count has studied the ways of England. He knows facts and is well versed on the topic. They sit and talk and the Count reveals his rich heritage. Harker asks about the blue flame and The Count tells him that treasure is believed to be buried where those blue flames appear. Harker then has him fill out paperwork for the estate he is purchasing at Purfleet. Stoker gives us the typical gothic description of Carfax, the estate Dracula purchased in London. It is gloomy and large and situated next to an insane asylum. They talk until dawn when The Count apologizes for keeping Jonathan awake for so long.

Jonathan writes a journal entry May 8th stating how uneasy he feels. He wishes he had never made the journey and says that Dracula is the only one around to talk to. He has not even seen a servant, which makes Jonathan wonder if Dracula has been doing the cooking and cleaning. Not able to sleep any longer, Jonathan gets up to shave. Seeing nothing in the mirror behind him he is startled when he feels Dracula's hand on his shoulder. In his shock, Jonathan cuts himself and when the Count sees the blood dripping down Harker's chin, his eyes turn red and, looking demonic, he makes a grab for Jonathan's neck. As soon as Jonathan's hand touches the crucifix the Count's fury disappears and he throws the mirror out of the window. By the end of the chapter Harker feels he is a prisoner.

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