Tuesdays with Morrie Chapter 7 Summary

For "The Eighth Tuesday: We Talk about Money," Mitch shows Morrie a quote from Ted Turner, a billionaire whose goal in life seemed to be to own more and more stuff. Morrie says that this situation exemplifies the problem of Americans valuing the wrong things. Morrie has become more focused on the simple pleasures, such as music and laughter. People always want more than they have, and Morrie thinks what they actually crave is more love. Morrie reminds Mitch that he should pursue companionship not money. Mitch thinks his priorities might be more out of whack because he is usually surrounded by celebrities, famous athletes and others, who make him think it's okay to want bigger and nicer things. Giving of your time to others is much more valuable than giving material things.

He then inserts a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, "each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn," which illustrates that each day people begin fresh and choose to make better decisions.

In "The Ninth Tuesday: We Talk about How Love Goes On," Mitch mentions that he has continued to try calling his brother in Spain because he really wants to talk to him. Morrie has had a catheter inserted into him and needs people to help him move his feet or head even slightly on the bed. Morrie's newest saying is "when you're in bed, you're dead." Ted Koppel has contacted about Morrie about a third visit for Nightline. Morrie doesn't mind that the television show is using his situation because Morrie is also able to use the situation to bring his message to millions of people. Since he is having a harder and harder time talking, he thinks the interview will need to be soon. Morrie tells Mitch that he doesn't worry about being forgotten after he dies because love will keep him alive. Mitch thinks about how he can sometimes hear Morrie's voice in his head even when he's far away, and he knows Morrie is right. Morrie has decided he wants his tombstone to say, "A Teacher to the Last." Morrie likes to be fully present when he is talking to someone, which means maintaining eye contact and focusing only on that person. He tries not to think about other things during the conversation. Mitch realizes how important it is to learn to pay attention to people. Everyone is always in such a hurry that they can't concentrate.

Morrie remembers the last time he saw his father, which was at the morgue. His father had a heart attack outside, and Morrie was called in to identify the body. Morrie wanted his final moments to be much different, including a great deal of affection and saying good-bye, which he was not able to do with either of his parents.

Mitch then spends a short chapter describing an African tribe who believe that the world contains a limited amount of energy. This means that for every birth, there must be a death. Whatever is taken from the world must also be replenished. Mitch and Morrie like this concept.

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