Tuesdays with Morrie Chapter 2 Summary

The chapter titled "The Audiovisual" describes the television program Nightline that Mitch saw in March 1995. Ted Koppel, the host, went to Morrie's house in Massachusetts to talk to him about his disease. Sitting in his wheelchair, Morrie had started to cough while eating and struggled to chew; however, he would not feel sorry for himself. He had many aphorisms, or sayings about how to live life, that he would write down and share with friends. A friend of his had sent them to the Boston Globe, so a reporter wrote a story about Morrie. Koppel heard about it and decided he wanted to interview Morrie. When Ted came to his house, Morrie began by asking Ted to tell him some personal information about himself. Morrie confessed that he had only seen Ted's show twice, and he wasn't terribly impressed by him. Morrie admitted on the Nightline episode that there are times when he cries, but he is trying to live out the rest of his life with dignity and courage. They talked about the afterlife, and Morrie admitted that one thing he is not looking forward to is that sometime soon he won't be able to wipe himself. When Mitch saw this episode after casually flipping through channels, he felt numb.

In the next chapter Mitch flashes back to 1976 when he went to visit Morrie in his office on campus. Morrie told him in that conversation that he hoped Mitch would one day consider him a friend.

In the next chapter "The Orientation," Mitch takes a rental car to Morrie's house. He sees his former professor sitting on his porch. He had not seen him in sixteen years. Morrie looked much more withered than the last time he saw him. He sat in the car and finished his phone call before going up to see his dying professor. Morrie hugged Mitch and told him he was happy he had come back. Morrie's helper, Connie, brought them some food, and Morrie had to take some pills. Morrie asked Mitch if he wanted to hear what it's like to die.

The next chapter is another flashback to Mitch's freshmen year at college. He takes a class with Morrie, which he enjoys, so he takes another. He finds out that one year Morrie gave all his male students A's to keep them out of going to fight in the Vietnam War. Mitch starts to call Morrie Coach, which Morrie likes. Sometimes they eat together.

In "The Classroom" Mitch returns to his visit to Morrie's house where it's clear that many people saw him on Nightline. People have been contacting him to ask him questions about his journey toward death. Mitch starts to feel bad about his priorities in life, especially wanting more money. Morrie asks him questions about his choices in life. Mitch has worked in Detroit at the same place for ten years. Morrie tells Mitch how he sees so many people who are unhappy in life. People believe that they have to adhere to societal rules, but those rules don't work for everyone. Morrie shows Mitch how he can tell his health is deteriorating by exhaling and counting. He can only make it to eighteen before he needs to gulp in air. Mitch promises to visit again soon.

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