The Hunger Games Chapters 8 - 10 Summary

Katniss returns to the Training Center, certain she has ruined her chances in the Hunger Games. She feels this way because she shot an arrow at the Gamemakers table. She aimed at and hit the roast pig's apple behind them, but it scared them. Then she compounded the infraction by leaving the room without being dismissed.

Upon returning, she locks herself in her room and cries for an hour. She fears her family will suffer for her actions or she will be arrested, at the very least she knows she will receive a low score from the Gamekeepers. The tributes are each given a score based on their performance during training, this is used by the public to see who should be sponsored and for placing bets.

The scores are revealed during a televised program. The scoring range is from 1, which is very bad to 12 which is almost never awarded. Peeta is given a score of 8, a good score, and Katniss is given an eleven. She cannot believe her ears, she is sure they got the score wrong, but Effie and the others are ecstatic for her.

At dinner Katniss tells Effie, Haymitch, and the others what she did in her private session with the Gamemakers. At first, they are not happy with her actions, but then they start to laugh as she describes the Gamemakers' reactions to having an arrow fly at them.

The next morning Katniss remembers meeting Gale in the woods for the first time and being a little intimidated by him. She recalls their deal of exchanging goods and information, then the partnership they formed. She misses him a great deal.

At breakfast Katniss is told Peeta wants to be coached separately, which surprises her. Katniss feels betrayed by Peeta's request to be trained separately, but she doesn't let it show. Instead she asks what the schedule is for the day. They are being prepared for their interviews, which will take place the next day. The interviews are very important, because they are televised to the whole country and the sponsors choose the tribute who will receive their backing.

Effie takes Katniss to teach her how to walk in high heels, smile, wear a gown and make a good first impression. The work is grueling for Katniss and the four hours she spends preparing seem endless, but in the end Effie has made her presentable to the country.

The next four hours are spent with Haymitch, whose job is to prepare her for the actual interview. This does not go well, because he doesn't like Katniss' attitude and she cannot stand being around Haymitch. He eventually tells her to answer the questions and try not to show the audience how much she hates them.

Cinna puts her in a gown which reflects the light, in such a way, as to make her look like she is on fire. The effect is radiant. He also tells her to answer the questions as if she is talking to a good friend. She chooses him as her friend and the tactic works, the audience likes her.

Peeta does well in his interview, but he drops a bombshell by admitting he has had a crush on Katniss for as long as he can remember. Katniss is stunned by Peeta's announcement, she is also embarrassed, so she lowers her head to conceal her emotions from the viewers. Peeta tells the audience she has had no idea of his feelings for her, until that very moment. This engenders agnony and sympathy from the crowd. Caesar Flickerman, the interviewer gives Peeta his sympathy and tells him the country's hearts go out to the star-crossed lovers. Peeta has successfully turned the crowd's sympathies to him and Katniss. This means sponsors will be eager to sign the couple and provide them with whatever they need to survive the Games.

Katniss is enraged by the attention and Peeta's announcement, which she knows is staged. She confronts him once they are back on the twelfth floor, even shoving him into a vase, which results in him cutting his hands.

Haymitch admits he helped Peeta plan how to reveal his feelings, but it was done to help Katniss. She didn't have a great interview, but now the country is talking about the lovers who must try to kill each other. Katniss begins to see how this strategy can work to their advantage.

That night after saying good-bye to Haymitch and Effie, Katniss can't sleep. She is anxious about what will await her the next day, the first day of the Hunger Games. None of the tributes know where the Games will take place and what conditions await them. The Games have been played in forests, cold wastelands, and deserts, which all have their advantages and disadvantages.

She, after trying to sleep for several hours, goes up to the roof for some fresh air. There she encounters Peeta, who tells her he only wants to die as himself. He doesn't want the Games to turn him into a killing monster. He has accepted his death, whereas Katniss is focused on winning the Games. She cannot understand why he is so accepting of defeat.

The next morning, they are transported to the arena. She has a tracking device implanted in her arm, so the Gamemakers can keep track of her. She is alone with Cinna waiting to be summoned to the arena. Then finally she is propelled to the arena and Claudius Templesmith, the Games announcer, proclaims the Hunger Games have begun.

Katniss and Peeta work out their relationship to the benefit of both. He makes them the talk of the country, by proclaiming his love for her on television. She eventually understands he did it to help them attract sponsors. They are now ready to go into the arena and fight for their lives. Peeta only wishes to die as himself, but Katniss is striving to win the Games.

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