The Diary of a Young Girl January 13, 1943 - July 26, 1943 Summary

Anne is still feeling put upon by the adults in the "Secret Annex". To her point of view, everything she does gives them cause to correct her. If she is talking, then she is showing off, if she is quiet then she is ridiculous and so on. She and her mother especially have a difficult time getting along.

Anne's father, whose nickname is Pim, is expecting an invasion at any time. The others in the group are not so sure. The bombing and anti-aircraft fire have increased to such a level that it is very hard for anyone in the attic to sleep.

The building in which they have been staying has been sold and the new owner wanted a tour of the building. He and his architect had Mr. Koophuis show them around the building. This was lucky as Mr. Koophuis is one of the people helping the Frank's and Van Daan's. He showed the new owner every room except the attic. He claimed that he did not have the key with him to open the door to the attic. The new owner seemed to accept Mr. Koophuis explanation.

Besides the gun fire and a new owner, the group has been dealing with intruders in the building. The burglars are trying to get into the building to take whatever they can find. The worry is if they somehow discover that the downstairs radio is tuned to an English channel, they may inform the authorities about this discovery. Mrs. Van Daan at first thinks the burglars are in the upper attic, but instead they find the upper attic had been infested with rats. This situation was somewhat taken care of by having the Van Daan cat sleep in the room. But, Peter was bitten by a large rat a few days later and it was quite frightening and painful for him.

Two new problems are plaguing the families. The first is the fact that the children are outgrowing their clothes and have no way of getting new clothes, also the adults' clothing are becoming quite worn. The other problem is a lack of fresh food. Miep does try to bring them vegetables when she can, but the whole country is lacking in food. The amount of rations each person is allotted has been cut and so the group must subsist on beans and partially spoiled potatoes.

Rauter, who is German, made a speech on the radio stating that all the Jews must exit German-occupied countries by July 1. This causes distress for Anne, she feels as if the Jews are being treated like an unwanted insect by the Germans.

The people who have been helping the Frank's and Van Daan's are becoming ill which causes concern not only for their well-being, but also concern for how the families will receive the items necessary for their survival. Another problem this turn of events involved an important meeting Mr. Frank had prepared Mr. Koophuis to conduct. Mr. Koophuis has a hemorrhage of his stomach so Mr. Kraler had to conduct the meeting. Unfortunately, Mr. Kraler did not know the particulars of the meeting and there wasn't any time to give them to him. This situation caused Mr. Frank a great deal of stress. He felt better when the idea of listening to the meeting by putting his ear to the floor was given to him. He did this until the uncomfortable position became unbearable then Anne and Margot had to take his place.

Anne's problems with her mother continued and came to a head one night as Anne lay in bed waiting for her father to come in and say prayers with her. He was not able to that night and her mother asked if she might say the prayers with Anne instead. Anne refused her mother's offer. He mother responded, "I don't want to be cross, love cannot be forced." It made Anne realize that her mother did notice the emotional distance between them. It also had the effect of galvanizing Anne's resolve to not apologize for her refusal. She felt that her mother brought this situation on herself by how she has treated Anne.

Mr. Vossen, who helped the group keep in touch with the outside world, has been diagnosed with cancer. This is a stunning blow to Anne and the others. They also have to give up the radio that was their link to what was happening in England. They are trying, through Koophuis, who is well now, to get their hands on a clandestine small radio.

Anne and Mr. Dussel have an argument about the usage of the desk in their shared bedroom. Anne would like to use the desk twice a week for about an hour and a half each time. He flat out refuses to allow her to do so. He feels that his needs greatly outweigh hers. He tells her he has important work to do and she is working at trifling things such as studying mythology and knitting. Anne goes to her father who tells her to talk to Mr. Dussel the next day about the problem. Instead Anne brings it up again that same night with the same result. Anne's father intervenes and Dussel eventually gives in to her request.

The whole time all these internal squabbles are being played out, the group listens and are encouraged by the news on the new radio, it seems as if the Allies are gaining ground. Mussolini has resigned and there is talk of Turkey joining the Allies.

The group through out this ordeal are getting on each other's nerves, but when the need arises they pull together. They are also hopeful that the war will soon be over even though they are disheartened by what they see outside their window.

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