The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 25-28 Summary

In chapter twenty-five, the King and the Duke arrive at the dead man's house where Mary Jane, the oldest daughter, greets them excitedly. Later Mary Jane read the letter that her father had left leaving the house and $3000 in gold to his daughters and his tanyard business, some other houses and land along with $3000 to his two brothers. The letter told where he hid the $6000, so the King and the Duke agreed to go find it. They counted the money and it was $415 short, so they put in their own money to make it an even $6000, so no one would suspect they had taken any. To look even more charitable, the King and the Duke decide to give all the money to the 3 daughters. When they have the deceased man's friends over for dinner and the King and the Duke are inviting them all to the funeral, Doctor Robinson bursts in and declares that the men are frauds. He knows that they have horrible fake British accents and no real proof of who they are, so he begs the three daughters to kick them out. Instead, Mary Jane turns to the King and the Duke and hands them the bag of money to prove she believes that they are her uncles.

In chapter twenty-six, the King and the Duke are each given a bedroom to sleep in, and Huck, who is still acting as their servant, must sleep in a cubby. The one daughter tries to ask Huck a lot of questions about living in England, which he answers to the best of his ability, mostly telling ridiculous lies. Huck starts feeling bad for these poor girls and decides he will find out where the King and the Duke hid the money and make sure that the girls get it. He eavesdrops on the King and the Duke's argument over whether they should leave immediately with the money or stick around to try to get more. The King convinced him that they should stay long enough to sell some of the property, and then they put the money through a rip in the mattress. Since Huck had been hiding behind the curtains, he knew where the money was, grabbed it as soon as they left and took it to his cubby. Then he waited until everyone fell asleep for the night.

As chapter twenty-seven begins, Huck creeps down to the parlor where the corpse is still resting and tucks the money bag into the coffin because he hears someone approaching. It was Mary Jane who had come to kneel by the coffin and cry. Huck decides to return to his cubby and perhaps write a letter to Mary Jane at some point so that she can dig up the coffin and get her money back. The coffin is buried without Huck knowing for sure whether the money is still inside it. The auction takes place, which upsets the girls mostly because their slaves are sold off to various places, and some families are separated. Huck wishes he could tell the girls that those sales won't be considered valid, but he doesn't want to get in trouble. The Duke surprises Huck by questioning him as to whether he'd been in the King's room. It is clear that they have realized their bag of money is missing. Huck tries to put the blame on the slaves since they have been safely sold away. Then the King and the Duke begin accusing one another of taking the money. Huck is relieved that he has kept everyone out of trouble.

In chapter twenty-eight, Huck can't keep a secret anymore, so he makes a plan to send Mary Jane away from a few days. First, he confesses to her that her uncles are actually frauds. He tells her to find out about the Royal Nonesuch in Bricksville as proof that they're con men. When Mary Jane inquires about the bag on money, Huck decides to write on a piece of paper "I put it in the coffin," then he sends her off. Later when they were auctioning off some of the dead man's possessions, two more men showed up claiming to be Peter Wilkes's brothers.

Once again these chapters show Huck's strong morals. He tries to help the girls to retain their fortune while still making sure that everyone stays happy. Even though he dislikes the King and the Duke for being frauds, he doesn't seem to want them harmed. Huck is out to keep the peace whenever possible.

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