We Quell a Mutiny - I find My Wealth All About Me Summary

Eight days after the Spaniard and Friday's father left for the mainland, Friday spotted a ship sailing toward the island. It flew an English flag, but Robinson had a premonition that it was not a ship he should trust. Indeed, it was a ship that had mutinied and the captain, ship's mate, and a passenger had been taken prisoner by the ship's crew.

Robinson had to wait a while to approach the men as they sat tied up on the shore of the island. The mutinous sailors had, eventually, left them alone as they went exploring on the island. At first, the captain could not believe he was hearing the voice of a fellow English man. Once he was over his apprehension of Robinson's intentions, he allowed Robinson to rescue him and the other two men. They had to agree to Robinson's terms, which were they follow his orders, not harm him or Friday, and give him and Friday free passage to England. The captain agreed to Robinson's terms and they decided to shoot at the mutinying sailors as they laid sleeping. Unfortunately, the sailors woke up during this conversation, so Robinson let the captain decide how he handled the men. Two of the sailors were the ones who were the leaders of the mutiny, but some of the other sailors would help secure the ship, if these two were either killed or taken into custody. One of the men was killed by the mate and the passenger, but the rest were either injured or captured. A few of the captured men were trusted enough by the captain to help defend the island against another boat load of sailors. Ten more sailors came ashore to find the men who had not returned to the ship. Robinson and the other men had already stripped the first boat of its contents and put a hole in the bottom of it. They then put together a plan to capture the rest of the men, which included Friday and the captain's mate calling out to the men, drawing them further and further into the island. They succeeded in getting the men lost in the woods of the island, then all they had to do was wait for them to return in the dark to the boat. When they did, Robinson had one of the trusted prisoners call out to the men by name and lie to them, by telling them they were surrounded by 50 men. The men surrendered and all but one was given a chance to live. Will Atkins was told he would die by hanging, because he had captured the captain and treated him in a rough manner. The men were told that Robinson would dispense the justice due to them, as he was the Governour of the island.

The captain talked to the captured men, in order to decide which men he could trust to help him retake possession of his ship. He and Robinson decided to take two of the men and leave the rest as hostages. This was a precaution to ensure good behavior on the part of the men chosen to help regain the ship. The deal was struck that if they did not help in good faith, then all of them would be hanged once back on the island. The men acted in good faith and helped the captain regain his ship. The only causality was the man who had assumed control of the ship as the new captain, he was shot and killed.

Robinson decided the five men he had taken prisoner should be given the choice of either going back to England and face the possibility of being hung or the fate of living out their lives on the island. They, including Will Atkins, chose to stay on the island and Robinson provided them with the information and goods they would need to survive on the island. As the ship was leaving, two of the men swam up and begged to be taken along on the ship, which they were allowed to do.

Once back home, after being away for 35 years, Robinson found his parents and brothers were dead, but his two sisters were still alive, he also found he had no money to sustain himself. He was given some money by the ship owners, but it was not enough to live on. He decided to go to Lisbon and then on to Brazil to see how his plantation was doing; all this time Friday was with him and helping him in all he did.

Once in Lisbon, Robinson found the captain who had rescued him from the sea and taken him to Brazil. It was he, who told Robinson his plantation had been put in the hands of the Procurator Fiscal. The profits from the land were divided up between the King and the monastery of St. Augustine. The captain helped Robinson contact his former partner and the proper authorities in Brazil, to claim his plantation. Robinson found out he was a very wealthy man, who could afford to help those who had been kind to him. He used his new found wealth to help the captain and his son, the widow in England who had looked after his possessions for him, and his sisters. He then, with the captain's help, found some traveling companions to travel with him and Friday, overland from Lisbon to England.

Robinson in this section of the book helps a captain fend of mutinous sailors and saves his life and others sailing on the ship. He also finally returns home and leaves for Lisbon to find out how well his plantation was faring. He is stunned to find himself a rich man, in the position of helping those who have helped him in his life.

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