The Metamorphosis Part 3 Summary

The wound Gregor's father created by throwing the apple is quite severe, and it causes him discomfort for more than a month. He is unable to move very quickly, and must haul himself around like an invalid. As a result of Gregor's visible suffering the family takes pity on him and allows him more interaction with them. They leave the door to the living room open, which allows him to watch and listen to them as they go about their nightly routine. He enjoys being around them more, but notices that they have changed since he became an insect. Their time together is no longer as jovial as it once was.

His father seems exhausted, and falls asleep immediately after dinner every day. His mother sewed high-end undergarments while his sister studied stenography and French in hopes of being promoted in hopes of being promoted at work. Their entire lives now seemed to him to be dedicated to survival. His father's fixation on work extended to the point where he would not take off his work uniform, or sleep in a bed despite the efforts of his wife and Grete. Grete and his wife regularly have to physically drag him to bed while he laments about his life.

Gregor noticed that the family's servant girl was let go and replaced by a decrepit elderly woman. He also notices that his mother and sisters have sold their few pieces of jewelry. He often overhears conversations about how the family needs to move out of the large apartment that they cannot afford, but how they are prevented from relocating because of his unfortunate condition. But is not simply the fact that Gregor is an insect that prevents them from moving. As he notes he could easily be shipped in a box. What is really preventing them from acting is the fact that they are paralyzed by the hopelessness of their situation.

Gradually Gregor's family begins to neglect him. He has very little to do except day dream about his life before it so drastically changed. His feelings osculate between guilt that he is no long able to help him, to outrage that they are not taking proper care of him despite his many years of effort to take care of them. When Gregor's mother finally notices that Grete has started neglecting the cleaning of his room she decides to make it her own undertaking. Her tremendous use of water makes the room excessively damp which, in turn, makes Gregor quite ill. Despite the fact that she has been neglecting him, Grete makes a terrible fuss that her mother cleaned Gregor's room. Not because she made him sick in doing it, but because she believe that Gregor is hers to look after.

While his family is becoming increasingly uninterested in his existence and wellbeing, the old housekeeper becomes very curious about Gregor. She first encounters him by accident, but starts coming to his room every morning to talk to him. Gregor does not enjoy her visits, and is especially annoyed when his family asks her to clean his room daily.

To help them better afford the apartment Gregor's family takes in three lodgers. To make room for the belongings of the boarders, the family begins to use Gregor's space as a kind of storage area. Although he was at first displeased by the mess, Gregor grew to like scuttling over the debris.

One night, Grete begins to play her violin. Hearing this, the three lodgers creep to the doorway and stand enrapt and enchanted by the music. The men enjoy her playing so much that they asked her to play for them in the parlor. Enchanted by the music Gregor leaves his room and wanders down the hall to the parlor. He wants to tell his sister how beautifully she's playing. He wants to tell her about his plans to send her to music school.

Unsurprisingly one of the boarders catches sight of Gregor in the hallway and points at him completely stupefied. The tenants are appalled by the sight of Gregor, and give immediate notice that they are going to leave. Annoyed by the loss of the boarders, Grete declares that the insect is not really Gregor, and that the family must give up believing that it is. She points out that they have done everything they can for the creature to no avail, and that they must find a way to get rid of him if they want to move on with their lives. Gregor's father expresses that he wishes there is some way that they can tell him why he needs to go, but Grete insists that it's impossible.

Feeling guilty and dejected, Gregor attempts to return to his room. The trip down the hall takes a long time and he finds his legs and body ponderous. When he finally is able to make it to his room his sister slams and locks the door behind him. Mentally and physically downtrodden, Gregor goes to sleep, and as the sun rises he breathes his last breath.

In the morning, the old housekeeper finds Gregor's body. At first she thinks he is simply pretending she isn't there as is his custom. So she attempts to tickle him with her broom, when he doesn't respond, she realizes he has expired. She shouts to the household to let them know that the giant creature has died. The whole family, including the lodgers, gathered around Gregor's corpse and stared.

Life immediately resumes as normal for the Samsa family. They kick out the boarders right away. They take the day off of work to celebrate the death of Gregor. As they enjoy a trolley ride to the countryside they discuss their finances. Realizing they have more savings than they thought, they decide to move to a smaller apartment in a wealthier neighborhood. Grete's parents point out that she has become such an attractive young woman, and encourage her to begin looking for a husband. Long suffering Gregor is all but forgot.

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