Dracula Chapters 24 and 25 Summary

Dracula is forced to return to Transylvania, and Jonathan is worried about Mina-especially when he sees the scar on her forehead. She records all of the reports regarding Dracula in her journal. Here we learn that Dracula has boarded a ship headed for Varna. It seems that Dracula has come to London looking for more victims, as his country is "barren." The men worry about Mina, and she is changing. She is described as having that vampire-like look in her- cold, empty eyes and longer canine teeth. Mina is ashamed and feels "unclean." Stoker uses Mina as a symbol for Victorian female virtue. Since Van Helsing worries that Dracula may find out their plans through Mina, all is hidden from her. Despite this, Mina comes to the men and asserts that she must go with them to Transylvania. She hopes she can be hypnotized so the men can learn the whereabouts of Dracula. Before they leave, Mina makes each of them promise to kill her if she becomes a vampire. She also wants to hear her "burial service" in case she must die. As times passes, Mina is weak and lethargic. It is as if he if sucking her soul- her spirit from her body. After a week of waiting in Varna, the group finds out that the ship Dracula is in has bypassed them and docked in Galatz. While boarding a train headed to Galatz, Van Helsing wonders if Dracula learned of their plan to ambush them through Mina. He does remain confident and asks the others not to lose hope; he reasons that Dracula may not be expected them to follow. It is in these chapters that there is marked power shift with Dracula's flight across Europe.

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