As I Lay Dying Quotes

"It was Darl, the one that folks say is queer, lazy, pottering about the place no better than Anse, with Cash a good carpenter and always more building than he can get around to, and Jewel always doing something that made him some money or got him talked about, and that near-naked girl always standing over Addie with a fan so that every time a body tried to talk to her and cheer her up, would answer for her right quick, like she was trying to keep anybody from coming near her at all." (24)

"'She's taken and left us,' pa says." (50)

"What you got in you aint nothing to what I got in me, even if you are a woman too." (63)

"Vernon holds the board steady while Cash bevels the edge of it with the tedious and minute care of a jeweler." (79)

"My mother is a fish." (84)

"You went behind my back and bought a horse." (136)

"When the only sin she ever committed was being partial to Jewel that never loved her and was its own punishment, in preference to Darl that was touched by God Himself and considered queer by us mortals and that did lover her." (167-168)

"Anse, I have sinned. Do with me as you will." (178)

"Lafe said I could get it at the drugstore. He said tot tell you me and him wouldn't never tell nobody you sold it to us." (202)

"We loosen the splints and pour the cement over his leg slow." (208)

"We see his shoulders strain as he upends the coffin and slides it single-handed from the saw-horses." (222)

"Darl has gone to Jackson." (253)

"Then we see it wasn't the grip that made him look different; it was his face, and Jewel says, 'He got them teeth.'" (260)

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