As I Lay Dying Important Characters

Each of these characters narrates at least one chapter in the novel:

Addie Bundren - wife of Anse and mother of 5 children, she dies early in the book then has her body taken to Jefferson to be buried with her relatives. It is revealed that her son Jewel was had illegitimately with Brother Whitfield.

Anse Bundren - Addie's husband and father of 4 of their children, he agrees to take his wife's body to Jefferson even though the journey is difficult for his family because he wants to buy himself new teeth. He also ends up with a new wife.

Cash Bundren - the oldest child, nearly 30 who is very precise, doesn't talk much and the most selfless of the children, enduring a broken leg and hardly ever complaining

Darl Bundren - the second child, close in age to Cash, he seems to be the most level-headed but ends up going crazy, burning down Gillespie's barn, and being sent to an asylum

Jewel Bundren - the third child but ten years younger than Darl, he is his mother's favorite yet he is often violent and selfish in his decisions, especially when he worked nights to buy himself a horse, except when it comes to saving his mother

Dewey Dell Bundren - the fourth child, around 17, she becomes pregnant by a boy named Lafe who gives her $10 to get an abortion, which she does not successfully do

Vardaman Bundren - the youngest son, sees a great deal but interprets it in his naive way. He thinks his mother's soul is in a fish.

Vernon Tull - religious neighbor who cares for the family despite thinking that they aren't always making good decisions

Cora Tull - Vernon's saintly wife and Addie's former friend who judges the Bundrens

Peabody - doctor who thinks little of Anse and his decisions about his family

Samson - neighbor who housed the Bundrens during their journey

Armstid - farmer who helps the Bundrens during the journey

Brother Whitfield - preacher who had an affair with Addie and produced Jewel

Moseley - druggist in a small town who refuses to help Dewey Dell with an abortion

MacGowan - store assistant who gives Dewey Dell placebos in exchange for sex that he says will help get rid of the baby, but she know he lies

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