A Child Called It Chapter 2 - Good Times Summary

From the violence shown in the first chapter, the author takes us to a time before the abuse began. David, his brothers, his mother, and his father lived happily together in Daly City. David's father worked as a fire fighter. This chapter focuses on the love Catherine felt for her children and the way she used to behave around her family. She took them on trips, making everything special, and she was an excellent cook. She often made elaborate meals for her family. She was also an obsessive cleaner, but David said he loved her determination. She went out of her way to make meals and holidays special for her boys. She had fun with them; David remembers how special she made Christmas. They cut down a huge tree and decorated it for hours. She took them to look at the lights and drink eggnog. David especially liked the family trips to the Russian River. He felt safe and loved before the abuse began.

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