William Howard Taft Timeline
Timeline Description: William Howard Taft (September 15, 1857 to March 30, 1930) was President of the United States and later a Supreme Court Justice. He spent much of his career focused on his political activity, before shifting to a legislative focus.

Date Event
September 15, 1857 Birth of William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1857. He was the son of Alphonso Taft, Secretary of War under President Ulysses Grant.
1878 Graduated from Yale

In 1878, Taft graduated from Yale University, his father's alma mater. He was a member of the secret society, Skull and Bones, during college.
1882 Assistant Prosecutor for Hamlin County, Ohio

By 1882, Taft was working as the assistant prosecutor for Hamlin County, Ohio. He also began to serve on the Cincinnati city council during this time.
1887 Supreme Court Justice of Cincinnati

Taft was appointed Supreme Court Justice of Cincinnati in 1887. He maintained this position for a number of years.
1900 Governor General of the Philippines

In 1900, Taft became Governor General of the Philippines. He went to the Philippines at the orders of President McKinley.
1904 Secretary of War

Working closely with President Roosevelt, Taft was appointed Secretary of War. The two men wanted to work together to achieve shared political goals.
1906 Temporary Governor of Cuba

In 1906, the United States occupied Cuba in the face of international tensions. Taft was appointed temporary governor of Cuba under Roosevelt.
1908 Presidential Nomination

Taft agreed to run for president at the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had had served in multiple capacities in the previous years.
1912 Created Chamber of Commerce

As president, Taft created the Chamber of Commerce to support ethical business practices.
1913 Passage of Sixteenth Amendment

The Sixteenth Amendment passed in 1913, providing new taxation systems for larger corporations.
1913 Second Run for President

Taft ran for a second term as president in 1913. His enemies campaigned against him, and he was easily defeated.
1921 Nominated to Supreme Court

President Harding nominated Taft to the Supreme Court in 1921.
February 1930 Retired from Supreme Court

After serving for nine years, Taft retired from the Supreme Court in February 1930.
March 8, 1930 Death of William Howard Taft

Taft died on March 8, 1930 at home. He was the first president buried at Arlington National Cemetary.