Television Timeline
Timeline Description: Television lets us see into worlds we would never know otherwise. The TV wasn't just one invention. It was the accumulation of lots of discoveries. This timeline goes over those discoveries, and how they led to the TV we know today.

Date Event
1831 The era of electronic inventions

Scientists began working with electronics to make life better. They knew very little about electricity and how it worked.
1862 A still picture is transferred

Abbe Giovanna Caselli invented the Pantelegraph. It could transfer an image through wires, similar to the way telephone wires transfer sound.
1873 The transfer of pictures to signals

Two scientists named Smith and May experimented with selenium. It helped them figure out that they could transform pictures into signals to be sent over wires more easily.
1876 George Carey thinks up the TV

George dreamed of a machine that people would use in their homes to view pictures.
1880 Invention of the photophone

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison came up with the Photophone. It could transfer sound, but they aimed for it to do the same with pictures at a higher quality.
1884 The technology works!

A man named Paul Nipkow figured out how to send multiple pictures through wires. He used a rotating disk to move the pictures.
1900 It was named television

The first "television" was seen at the 1900 World Fair in Paris.
1907 A new kind of TV

Scientists developed a new way to work the television. It used something called cathode rays and a vacuum tube.
1924 The moving picture is developed

A scientist from Scotland, named John Baird, developed a way to capture objects in motion. It was called the moving picture, and paved the way for movies and TV shows.
1925 The television is tested publically

The first long distance television test ran between Washington D.C. and New York.
1928 The first TV station is born

The first station was named W3XK. It was owned by Charles Jenkins.
1936 The TV revolution grows

At first the TV reach was very small. By 1936 there were 200 sets in use, but that number quickly grew.
1937 The first major television network

CBS was the first major TV network.
1939 Another World Fair exhibit

TV's were tested at the World Fair in 1939 to market to the public. One of the first TV brands was RCA.
1950 Color TV is released

Color TV had been in development for many years. It was finally released to the public in 1950.
1969 TV from the moon

Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and the whole world saw through their television sets. The TV revolution had begun.
1997 The flat screen takes over

Developers at Panasonic developed and released the flat screen TV. It quickly took over the TV market.
2009 The HDTV mandate

In 2009 the American people made the switch to all-digital television viewing.