Michael Crichton Timeline
Timeline Description: Michael Crichton was a famous writer and movie maker during the 20th century. His contribution to the world of entertainment has inspired imaginations for generations. This is a timeline of his career.

Date Event
1942 Michael Crichton is born

He was born in Chicago, IL, in 1942.
1964 Michael graduates from college

Michael graduated from Harvard University.
1966 His writing career begins

While attending college, his theory papers are published in the Papers of Peabody Museum.
1969 Michael's writing career takes off

While still in medical school his first best seller, The Andromeda Strain, is published.
1969 Michael goes to medical school

Michael graduated from Harvard Medical School.
1973 Michael moves on to film making

His film, Westworld, was the first to use computer-generated special effects.
1990 Michael has another bestseller on his hands

He published Jurassic Park, which was later made into a movie and had a sequel.
1995 Michael furthers his career

He worked on the Author's Guild Council, among many other things. He also taught writing at MIT.
1995 Michael wins awards

Michael Crichton won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for his special effects.
1995 Michael wins an Emmy

Michael won an Emmy for his TV drama, ER.
1996 More movie making success

His screenplay, Twister, was released.
2002 A dino named in his honor

Michael had a new dinosaur species named for him. The ankylosaurus was called the Crichtonsaurus.
2004 Michael's last book while alive

The State of Fear was published. It hinted at global warming, but his theories in the book were later proven wrong.
2008 Michael Crichton dies

Michael died at the age of 66 from cancer. His contribution to the entertainment world will always live on!
2011 A posthumous novel is released

Michael's novel, Micro, was released three years after his death.