Henry Hudson Timeline
Timeline Description: Henry Hudson was an explorer who found and sailed through the river that became known as the Hudson River. He helped the world understand more about Earth's geography, and he is remembered as great explorer. This timeline tells about his travels.

Date Event
1500 Henry Hudson is born

Henry was born sometime in the late 1500's. The exact date and year are not known, but most people believe he was in his twenties or thirties when he made his first voyage.
1500 Henry gets married and has children in the late 1500's

Henry's wife was named Katherine, and together they had three sons.
1607 Henry Hudson makes his first voyage

Henry Hudson was commissioned by the Muscovy Company to find a faster trade route from Europe to Asia. His his mission was unsuccessful.
1608 Hudson looks for a northeast passage

Henry was commissioned for a second time to find a passage sailing north, over Russia. His trip was stopped when he came into thick ice and had to sail home.
1609 Henry Hudson makes a third trip

This time Henry was working for the East India Company. When he couldn't get through the ice for a third time he decided to sail west.
July 1609 The Half Moon makes landfall in Nova Scotia

Hudson's ship, the Half Moon, made landfall in what is now Nova Scotia, in Canada. They made some trades with the local natives before sailing further south.
July 1609 Hudson's crew meets hostile natives

While looking for a route inland, Henry and his crew came upon hostile natives. One of Hudson's men was killed.
1609 Henry Hudson and his crew arrive around New York later in 1609

Hudson and his crew sailed past the island that would be called Manhattan and into the river that would later be named the Hudson River.
April 1610 Hudson makes his last journey

Now working for the English, Henry Hudson set sail on a ship called Discovery. He discovered a strait in the ocean that led them through the northern waters over Canada, which was later named the Hudson Strait.
1610 Hudson discovers Hudson's Bay

Henry and his crew sailed through the strait and into a large bay. It later became known as Hudson's Bay.
June 1610 Hudson's crew gets stuck in the ice

Hudson's ship became stuck in the icy waters of Hudson's Bay. They were stranded there through winter.
1611 Henry Hudson is cast out and left to die

When they became trapped in America, Henry's crew turned against him. They left him behind in a small boat, where he later died, probably from exposure.
1668 The founding of the Hudson's Bay Company

In 1668, English explorers set sail for Hudson's Bay in Canada. They found it a successful place to trade furs, and so the Hudson's Bay Company was founded.
1936 The opening of the Hudson Bridge

More than 300 years after his discovery, Henry Hudson had a bridge named after him. The Hudson Bridge is in New York.
1938 The opening of Henry Hudson Park

The park was first begun in 1906 to celebrate the 300 year mark from Hudson's discoveries, but there were a lot of delays and the park wasn't finished until 1938. Henry's discoveries opened up a new wave of knowledge and exploration, leading us into the world we know today.