Ferdinand Magellan Timeline
Timeline Description: Ferdinand Magellan was a navigator and explorer. He was the first person to sail around the world. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
1480 Ferdinand is born

Ferdinand was born near Portugal.
1490 Ferdinand's parents die

Ferdinand became an orphan when he was 10 years old.
1492 A job as the queen's messenger

Ferdinand was given the job of messenger in the queen's court. He learned about ships while there.
1505 A sailing expedition on the ocean

Ferdinand sailed with Portugal's first admiral, Francisco de Almedia.
1511 Ferdinand makes a second voyage

Ferdinand went on another expedition to Melaka. The Portugese conquered Melaka.
1512 Ferdinand begins planning his own voyage

Ferdinand decided to try sailing around the world. Portugal wouldn't finance his trip, so he asked the Spanish to help.
1519 Ferdinand sets sail

Ferdinand left Spain with a ship full of prisoners and other sailors who joined up. It was a hard journey that took many months.
1520 Ferdinand makes new discoveries

While on their journey, Magellan saw many new sights. He was the first European to spot a "Magellan" penguin, and he saw and named a dwarf galaxy in the sky.
1520 The Magellan Strait

Ferdinand sailed down the coast of South America to find a path across. He finally found one that he named the Magellan Strait, and he sailed through it.
1521 Ferdinand's ships land in Guam

Ferdinand's fleet sailed across the Pacific Ocean. They landed in Guam outside of Asia.
1521 Ferdinand dies

Ferdinand found enemies in the Philippine Islands. He was shot with an arrow and pierced with a spear, and he died in the Philippines.
1522 Ferdinand's ships continue without him

Magellan's fleet of ships continued to the Spice Islands without him, and then they set sail for Spain.
1522 The ships return home

At the beginning of the voyage there were five ships and 250 men. When they returned to Spain there was only 1 ship and 18 men.
1800 The Magellan Clouds

One of the galaxies that Ferdinand discovered was later named the Magellan Clouds in his honor.
2019 The 500 year mark

Historians are planning the 5th Centenary of the first navigation of the globe. Celebrations are being planned around the world.