Eleanor Roosevelt Timeline
Timeline Description: Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of America's 32nd president. Her husband did great works for America, but Eleanor herself is known for doing many good and honorable things for the country, herself.

Date Event
October 11, 1884 Eleanor is born

Eleanor was born in New York City. Her childhood was difficult, with both of her parents being dead by the time she was ten years old.
1899 Off to England

Eleanor left America to enroll in the Allenswood School, in England. After three years there, she would return home to America.
1901 Theodore Teddy Roosevelt

Eleanor's uncle, Teddy Roosevelt, became the president of the United States of America after President McKinley was assassinated. At the time, Eleanor was still in England.
1903 Charity work

Eleanor began doing good deeds as soon as she returned to America. Some of her first projects included teaching dance to immigrants in New York, as well as investigating the working conditions of the poor.
1905 Marriage

Eleanor became engaged to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1904. Mr. Roosevelt was her fifth cousin, and they became married on March 17, 1905.
1906 The Roosevelt children

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had several children. Anna was born in 1906, and James in 1907; they also had a child who passed away as a baby, a fourth child named Elliot, and a fifth and sixth child named Franklin Jr. and John.
1913 Getting into politics

In 1912, the Roosevelts attended the Democratic Party Convention. Mr. Roosevelt was elected Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Eleanor had to hire a social secretary to keep up with their engagements.
1919 Working for the people

Eleanor was a supporter of women's suffrage. She volunteered at the International Congress of Working Women, and she also visited war veterans at St. Elizabeth Hospital.
1920 Vice-presidential candidate

Franklin Delano Roosevelt began his campaign for the vice presidency, and Eleanor traveled with him during the campaign. She continued supporting women's rights, including work with the Women's Trade Union League, and the Women's Division of the Democratic State Committee.
1932 The presidency

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president during a turbulent time in American history. The country had been devastated by the stock market crash and the Dust Bowl, but Eleanor stood by his side to help the people.
1934 A woman for the people

Eleanor assisted in getting her husband to meet with NAACP leaders to help end racial lynching of blacks. She also arranged for African-American singer, Marian Anderson, to sing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday.
1940 WWII and reelection

With World War II breaking out, Eleanor campaigned for her husband's reelection, and he won. She aided him, and the country, by touring the Pacific and boosting the spirits of the soldiers.
1945 Board of Directors

After helping open the Army Nurse Corps up to black women, Eleanor was hailed a hero. She was asked to join the NAACP as part of their board of directors.
1946 United Nations

Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945, shortly before WWII ended. Eleanor joined the United Nations Human Rights Division.
1950 Eleanor's continued humanitarian works(1950's-60's )

Eleanor continued her work for the good of man. She supported the desegregation of schools, working for civil rights, and working with the United Nations.
1962 Eleanor's death

After years of service, Eleanor Roosevelt passed away at the age of 78. She died of tuberculosis.