Calvin Coolidge Timeline
Timeline Description: Calvin Coolidge was America's 30th president. He became president after President Harding died in New York. He was then elected for a full term the next year.

Date Event
July 4, 1872 Calvin Coolidge's birth

Calvin was born in Vermont on the fourth of July. He was the only president, so far, so be born on Independence Day.
1884 Calvin's hard childhood

Calvin's childhood was not easy. His mother died when he was twelve, then his sister died when he was fifteen; his father remarried a few years later.
1890 Calvin's education (1890's)

During his teen years and beyond, Calvin attended many Academies and colleges. After graduation, he took up an apprenticeship in Massachusetts.
1896 A start in politics

Politics grabbed Calvin from an early age. When he was twenty-four, he campaigned for presidential candidate William McKinley.
1898 Admittance to the bar

After being admitted to the bar in 1897, Mr. Coolidge opened a small law practice of his own. His good reputation in the area began to grow.
1901 City Solicitor

Calvin's political career continued over the years as he worked as City Solicitor. He later worked as clerk of courts, and eventually tried for the school board, though he lost that election.
1905 Marriage

While working and living in Northampton, Calvin met Grace Goodhue. They fell in love and were married in Vermont.
1906 Massachusetts House of Representatives

Coolidge soon found himself moving up the political ladder. He served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he was known for his work in women's suffrage.
1911 State Senate Seat

When a local state senator retired, Coolidge was nominated for the position. Coolidge ran and won an easy victory.
1918 Massachusetts Governor

After being elected lieutenant governor in Massachusetts, Coolidge decided to run for governor and won. The most memorable event of his governorship was the Boston Police Strike in Boston Massachusetts.
1920 Vice President

When President Harding was elected in 1920, Coolidge was his running mate. Coolidge became known as "Silent Cal" because he rarely spoke except when giving a speech.
1923 President!

In 1923, while touring the country, President Harding died. Coolidge found himself thrown into the presidency to finish Harding's term.
1924 Presidential election

Coolidge ran a clean campaign without criticizing his opponents. When the voting ended, Coolidge was elected for his first full term.
1933 Coolidge's death

Coolidge's term in the White House was respectable and free from scandal. After his retirement, he settled in Massachusetts where he wrote his autobiography before dying in 1933.