Anne Frank Timeline
Timeline Description: Annelies "Anne" Marie Frank is the most talked about Jewish victim of the Holocaust. Her diary that was discovered was used to make several plays and movies. Anne Frank kept a diary while she was hiding from the Germans in an attic of a house in Amsterdam, Holland.

Date Event
June 12, 1929 Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Anne was born to Otto Frank and her mother Edith Hollander. She had an older sister named Margot.
1933 Adolf Hitler came to power and the Franks became worried.

Anne's mother and sister went to live in another part of Germany with relatives and Mr. Frank went to Amsterdam to start a company. He arranged for an apartment to bring his family to him.
1934 The Frank family settled in Amsterdam.

Anne and her sister attended school there. Anne was enrolled in a Montessori school where she loved reading and writing. Anne was outgoing and her sister more shy and studious.
1938 Otto Frank opened a second company in Amsterdam.

Frank's company grew and employed other Jews who had fled Germany. Anne's grandmother also came to live with them.
1940 Germany invaded the Netherlands.

The Germans ordered that Jewish children could only go to Jewish schools so Anne and her sister were enrolled in a Jewish Lyceum, the Latin name for school. At this time Anne wanted to become an actress and dreamed about this while watching movies.
1941 Life becomes very hard for Anne Frank and family.

Dutch Jews were now forced to wear yellow stars on their clothing and they also could not go to movie theaters or ride public transportation, so Anne was not able to do her favorite thing of going to the movies.
1942 Anne's grandmother dies and the Japanese declares war against the U.S.

The world is thrown into war because of Pearl Harbor and the family is sad because Anne looses her grandmother. The same year, Anne's older sister is ordered to report to a relocation labor camp. The only good thing that happened is that Anne received an autograph book from her father on her birthday that she uses as a diary.
1943 The family goes into hiding.

The family moves into rooms above their company's buildings in a "secret annex". Some trusted employees help them and soon several other Jewish friends join them.
1944 The Frank family is separated and sent to concentration camps.

German Security Police broke into the "secret annex" after a tip-off from someone never identified. Everyone is arrested and sent on by cattle car to camps. Anne and her sister were sent to Bergen-Belsen a horrible place, and her parents were sent to Auschwitz where her mother died of starvation. The last entry in her diary was August 1, 1944.
1945 Anne Frank and her sister die in camp but her father and others are liberated.

Anne's father returns to Amsterdam to try to find his family. He does not know where they are and finds out that Anne aged 15, and her sister Margot, died in Bergen-Belsen. One of his loyal employees gives him the diary that Anne had written in the annex.
1947 Anne Frank diary published in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl is published and her father is very happy about that.
1957 Otto Frank establishes the Anne Frank Foundation (1957-1959).

Otto Frank and some others establish a foundation and also sue a former Hitler youth member who published a school paper stating that Anne Frank's diary was a forgery. The court declared that it was real and the former Hitler youth took his statements back.
1960 The Anne Frank House is opened in Amsterdam.

Despite all the controversy of Anne's diary and the many lawsuits that her father had to bring, the final outcome was that the diary was found to be authentic.