Ancient Greece Timeline
Timeline Description: Ancient Greece is called the birthplace of the modern city and state, with stores and meeting places as well as homes, farms, and governments. This is a timeline of its history.

Date Event
776 BC The first Olympic Games are held

The first Olympic Games were held in the Greek city of Olympia.
734 BC The Greeks capture Italy

Polydorus was the leader of the largest Greek city, Sparta. He sent troops to Italy and captured the land.
719 BC Polydorus is killed

Polydorus was murdered by Polymarchus.
687 BC The Athenians establish offices of government

The Greek city of Athens established a city government with elected officials. The Archon was their first elected official.
621 BC Athenian laws are established

Draco was a lawyer in Athens, Greece. He made a list of "laws" with punishments for breaking them.
490 BC The Greeks go to war with the Persians

The Persians ruled much of the Mesopotamian world. The Greeks went to war with them.
461 BC Sparta and Athens go to war

The cities of Sparta and Athens went to war with each other. It was called the Peloponnesian Wars.
384 BC Aristotle is born

Aristotle, the great philosopher, was born in Greece.
357 BC More Greek wars are fought

Athens had finally stopped fighting with Sparta. They began a war with Macedon.
356 BC Alexander the Great is born

Alexander the Great was born in Greece.
336 BC Alexander the Great takes rule

Alexander the Great took power after King Philip II was killed.
333 BC Alexander the Great defeats the Persians

Alexander took Mesopotamia and Egypt from the Persians. He later conquered much land.
323 BC Alexander the Great dies

Alexander the Great died while in Babylon.
300 BC The three powerful cities emerge

The Greek cities of Macedon, Egypt, and Syria emerged as the most powerful cities until the Greeks were defeated by the Romans.
197 BC The Romans take over Greece

King Philip V lost in a battle against the Romans. It was the end of the Greecian rule.