ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension

Read the paragraph and answer the following questions.

In the closing days of World War II, representatives of forty-four countries met in London hoping to create a culture in which peace would flourish. At the end of the conference, thirty-seven countries founded the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). One of the major initiatives of UNESCO is the designation and protection of World Heritage Sites, sites that are chosen for their cultural or physical significance.

Following the First World War, there was already a burgeoning movement to protect the world's historic and natural wonders from destruction. The real catalyst for protecting such sites, however, came in 1954, when Egypt made plans to build the Aswan Dam. Concerned that building the dam would flood the valley of the Abu Simbel temples, UNESCO began a campaign to save the temples. The temples were relocated to higher ground and, galvanized by their success, UNESCO made plans to preserve more of the world's wonders. In 1972, the World Heritage Commission was formed by UNESCO, with the responsibility of preserving sites of unique cultural or natural value.

A: Thrive
B: Suffer
C: Regress
D: Decline

A: Their beauty
B: Their cultural or physical significance
C: Their significance to American history
D: Their significance to European history

A: The construction of the Aswan Dam
B: The construction of the World Trade Center
C: The widespread destruction caused by World War II
D: Widespread urbanization in the US and Europe

A: 1946
B: 1954
C: 1970
D: 1976

A: The destruction of World War II was part of the motivation for saving the world's cultural treasures
B: The defeat of Germany led German delegate to refuse to participate
C: Only monuments in the western world for considered for protection
D: Only monuments in non-Communist countries were considered for protection

A: Attack
B: Stimulus
C: Controversy
D: Protest

A: They were flooded in the creation of the Aswan Dam
B: They were moved to higher ground
C: They were destroyed but replicas were placed in the British Museum
D: One of them was saved but the others were lost

A: Egypt
B: Morocco
C: Sudan
D: Saudi Arabia

A: Paris
B: New York
C: London
D: Istanbul

A: Coated
B: Scandalized
C: Spurred
D: Alienated

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