ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension

Read the paragraph and answer the following questions.

Although Alabama is often viewed as a bastion of conservatism, there has always been a thin, but persistent strand of liberalism in the state. One of the most vibrant expressions of this liberalism was in the short-lived Southern Conference for Human Welfare, an organization formed in Birmingham in 1938.

The organization emerged at a time of anemic economic recovery in the South during the later years of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt, who was something of an honorary Southerner owing to his home in Warm Springs, Georgia, was keenly interested in the economic recovery of the region and dismayed that his New Deal programs had not met with more acceptance in the South. Eager to unite leading Southern liberals behind his efforts, Roosevelt convened a body of scholars and writers to investigate the economic and social conditions of the region. The result was a report titled A Report on the Economic Conditions of the South. The report detailed the region's desperate poverty, low wages, and few public services, and declared that the 'South was the nation's number one economic problem.'

A: The South has always been more liberal than many people realize.
B: Southern liberals were often persecuted for their political beliefs.
C: There were no white Southern liberals in the early twentieth century.
D: Alabama was the most liberal of the Southern states.

A: His mother was from Georgia
B: He had a second home in Georgia
C: He often vacationed in Florida
D: He loved Southern literature

A: Colorful
B: Busy
C: Vigorous
D: Understated

A: Poverty
B: Low wages
C: Limited public services
D: All of the above

A: Metropolis
B: Stronghold
C: Disaster
D: Battle

A: He hoped to use it against Republicans
B: He hoped to generate support for Communist ideas
C: He hoped to generate support for New Deal programs
D: He hoped to use it against his political enemies

A: Atlanta
B: Savannah
C: Memphis
D: Birmingham

A: 1938
B: 1940
C: 1945
D: 1946

A: Distressed
B: Angered
C: Confused
D: Surprised

A: Roosevelt attempted to use the report to alienate conservatives.
B: Roosevelt wanted to use the report to generate support for New Deal reforms.
C: The South was completely open to Roosevelt's reforms.
D: The New Deal had met with overwhelming success in the South.

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