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Waves are vibrations that move through time and space. Light and sound are vibrations that move through space as waves, but they are different kinds of waves. Sound results from vibrations of matter, but light results from vibrations of energy. Sound waves are longitudinal, or waves that move parallel to the direction of motion. Light waves are transverse, or waves that move perpendicular to the direction of motion. Figure A illustrates the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.

For transverse waves, the crest is the highest point, whereas the trough is the lowest. The amplitude is the height of the wave from equilibrium. A wavelength is the distance between crests or troughs. In longitudinal or compression waves, there are compressions and rarefactions. Compressions are the sections of the wave where molecules are bunched up, and rarefactions are sections of the wave where molecules are spread out. The wavelength of a longitudinal wave is the distance between successive rarefactions or successive compressions.

This quiz covers waves. Use the above information to assist in answering the questions. Read the description and identify the best answer from the choices.

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