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Fluids are any substances that flow. Liquids and gases are fluids. When fluids apply force to an area, it is called pressure. Fluid pressure exists everywhere. The faster a fluid moves, the lower the pressure of the fluid. This is called Bernoulli's principle. The force that pushes down on a fluid is gravity. The force that pushes up in a fluid is the buoyant force. The buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid that is displaced by the object. This is called Archimedes' Principle.

The shape of an airplane's wing is called an airfoil. The difference between the pressure on an airfoil's upper and lower surfaces result in an upward force, which is defined as lift. The force that pushes a plane forward is called thrust. The opposing force is called drag.

This quiz will cover basic fluid vocabulary. Read each statement and select the best explanation or definition that is described in the question. Good luck.

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