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When the concepts of inertia and motion are combined, we get momentum. Momentum refers to moving things, and it, like energy, is conserved.

Momentum is a vector quantity, which means it has a direction component. The formula for momentum is
Momentum = mass X velocity or momentum = mv
When direction isn’t a factor, speed is used in place of velocity, but the formula doesn’t change.

Momentum can be large or small. A large momentum comes from an object with a large mass moving slowly, or an object with a small mass moving very fast. Change in momentum occurs if there is a change in mass, a change in velocity, or both. Time is also a factor. Apply a force briefly and there is a small change in momentum. A long sustained force produces a large momentum change. The product of force and time interval is called an impulse. When a net force is exerted, so is an impulse.

For the following quiz, read the questions carefully and use the above summary to help in selection of the best available answers. You will need a pencil, scratch paper and a calculator.

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