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*Theme/Title: Critical Reasoning
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The Critical Reasoning section of the GRE tests not only reading comprehension, but also one's ability to make inferences and draw conclusions based on information provided. The goal is to identify the main points of an argument or issue and evaluate how they work together. There are five main types of questions in GRE Critical Reasoning:
- Discrepancy (or Paradox): In this type of question the test taker must identify the most likely explanation for a logical discrepancy in an argument presented.
- Assumption: Test takers must identify an assumption made in the argument, which appears to create a gap in the logic of the argument.
- Weaken/strengthen: Test takers are asked to choose a statement that would either strengthen or weaken the argument provided.
- Evaluate argument: Test takers must identify information that is needed to complete and evaluate an argumentative statement.
- Reasoning questions: Test takers must evaluate how the argument is made and how it can be applied.

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