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Alkanes are not the only kind of hydrocarbons that exist. There are also alkenes and alkynes. Alkenes are hydrocarbons that contain double covalent bonds, and alkynes contain triple covalent bonds. These hydrocarbons are called unsaturated compounds because they do not contain the maximum number of hydrogen atoms.

Naming an alkene or an alkyne is similar to naming an alkane. Locate the longest chain that contains the double bond. It gets the root name of the alkane with the same number of carbon atoms and then add the suffix “-ene.”

Roots for naming; the number in parentheses represent the number of carbon atoms: meth (1) eth (2) prop (3) but (4) pent (5) hex (6) hept (7) oct (8) non (9) dec (10)

For instance, ethane has a single covalent bond between its carbon atoms. Ethene has a double covalent bond, and ethyne has a triple covalent bond. Formulas take this into account. For example: Ethane: C2H6, Ethene: C2H4, and Ethyne: C2H2.

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