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Reactions that take place in the real world go until one of the reactants is used up. The reactant that is used up first is called the limiting reactant (LR)because it limits how much product can be made. The reactant that is left over is called the excess reactant (ER). To solve LR/ER problems, use the following guidelines: 1. Write and balance the chemical equation. 2. Find the number of moles available for each reactant. 3. Divide for each reactant: # moles available/# moles required. Remember that the number of moles required comes from the balanced equation. 4. The lowest value is the LR and the highest value is the ER. 5. Then solve the problem. This quiz will cover some basic limiting reactant problems. You will need a periodic table and a calculator. Select the best answer from the provided choices. Good luck!!

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