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The preparation of solutions is an exact process. The concept of molarity is used. Solution concentration in terms of molarity must be calculated so that the specific amount of solute is measured. Then, using a piece of equipment called a volumetric flask, the solute is placed in the flask and distilled water is added. For example, to make a 1M salt water solution, one mole of salt is measured out. One mole of salt has a mass of 58.5g. This is the amount required to make a 1M salt water solution. To dilute a liquid stock solution, the following formula is used: M1V1=M2V2. M1V1 is the concentration and volume of the stock solution. M2V2 is the concentration and volume of the diluted solution. Take the concentration and volume of the dilute solution that you want and set up a proportion to find out the volume of the stock solution that you will need. This quiz will cover molar dilution and solution preparation problems. You will need a calculator. Select the best answer to the question.

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