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Organic compounds that contain hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms are called hydrocarbons. The simplest hydrocarbons are called alkanes. Carbon has the ability to make stable C-C bonds and can form chains. Alkanes contain only single covalent bonds: C-C and C-H. Because these compounds have the maximum number of hydrogen atoms, they are called saturated hydrocarbons. Alkanes are named with the root indicating the number of carbon atoms plus the suffix “–ane.” For example, methane is the simplest hydrocarbon. The formula for methane is CH4. The root is “meth” for one carbon, and the suffix is “-ane.”

Roots for naming; the number in parentheses represent the number of carbon atoms: meth (1) eth (2) prop (3) but (4) pent (5) hex (6) hept (7) oct (8) non (9) dec (10)

Straight-chain alkanes are an example of a homologous series. This means that there is a constant increment of change in molecular structure from one compound to the next. The change can be traced in structural formulas.

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