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This quiz focuses on determining whether lines are parallel or perpendicular, based on their respective equations. Parallel nonvertical lines have the same slope, m1 = m2 and different y-intercepts, b1 ≠ b2. Perpendicular lines in a plane are lines that intersect at a right or 90 degree angle. Two nonvertical lines are perpendicular if the product of their slopes is -1, that is m1 x m2 = -1. If one line has a slope of m, then the line perpendicular to it will have a slope of -1/m.

Example: Determine if the following two lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither, based on their equations:
y - 3x = 7,
3x -15 = y
Arrange both equations so they are of the form y = mx +b
y - 3x = 7, add 3x to both sides, which gives y = 3x + 7
3x - 15 = y, which can be rewritten as y = 3x - 15.
Because the slope, m, of each equation is 3, the two lines are parallel to each other.

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