Inequalities : Applications and Word Problems with Inequalities Quiz

*Theme/Title: Applications and Word Problems with Inequalities
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To solve many problems, a key skill it to be able to transform a word problem into an algebraic equation or inequality. The following problems require you to read and understand the question, then translate the question into an algebraic inequality. This quiz focuses on solving word problems by first writing them as linear inequalities and then using the addition and multiplication principles.

Translate to an inequality: Five less than one-half a number is greater than 12.
Let the unknown number be x.
one-half that number will be 1/2x
five less than 1/2x will be 1/2x -5
1/2x - 5 is greater than 12
so the result is 1/2x - 5 > 12

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Topic: Inequalities

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