Young Goodman Brown Important Characters

Goodman Brown = a young Puritan man, newly married to Faith who goes on a journey to the woods to talk to the devil where he has to make a moral decision to be good or evil

Faith = Goodman Brown's young wife whom he wants to make proud; he claims to see her in the woods turning to the dark side then never treats her the same way for the rest of her life

Man in the forest = never specifically named but seems to be the devil, talks to Goodman Young about how he helped his father and grandfather and shows him the many people from the village who have come to his side

Goody Cloyse = an older Puritan woman, who Goodman Brown sees talking to the devil in the forest; she seems to be a witch even though she taught Goodman Brown his catechism

Deacon Gookin = a Puritan who speaks to a minister in the woods about the devil's meeting, implying they are on the side of evil

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