The Odyssey Quotes

"I am Laertes' son, Odysseus." -Book 5
"All hands aboard; come, clear the beach and no one taste the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home." -Book 9
"If I shout and get to be untied, take more turns of the rope to muffle me." -Book 12
"You sit here, fat on others' meat, and cannot bring a crust of bread for me!" --Book 18
"You yellow dogs, you thought I'd never make it home from the land of Troy." --Book 22

"Cruel mother, do you feel nothing, drawing yourself apart this way from Father?" -Book 23

"Nohbdy's my meat, then, after I eat his friends." -Book 9

"Grant that Odysseus, raider of cities, never see his home." -Book 9

"Odysseus, master of land ways and sea ways, dissemble to your son no longer now." --Book 16

"I have no strength left to evade a marriage, cannot find any further way; my parents urge it upon me, and my son will not stand by while they eat up his property." --Book 13

"Who sends an arrow through iron axe-helve sockets, twelve in a line? I join my life with his." --Book 21

"What sign could be so clear as this of our own bed." --Book 23

"Then Scylla made her strike, whisking six of my best men from the ship." -Book 12

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