List Of Adjectives

List of Adjectives
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Most common adjectives

absent absorbed abusive acceptable accurate
actually adhesive afraid alert alike alive available average aware

bad better beautiful big broken black bright
cheerful chubby cloudy clumsy cold comfortable courageous crazy cuddly curly

daily dashing dazzling deeply
defective delightful detailed determined diligent
dirty discreet dispensable dizzy dramatic dry dull dusty dynamic

eager early eatable economic educated
efficient elated elderly elite eminent empty
encouraging evil excellent excited exclusive exotic expensive

fancy fantastic fast fat fearless festive filthy forgetful
fortunate frail fretful friendly funny

gentle giant glamorous glorious good goofy
gorgeous graceful great greedy green groovy

half handsome happy heavy
high honorable horrible huge hungry hurt
ignorant illegal immense
imminent internal irate itchy

jazzy jealous jolly jumpy

kind knowledgeable known

large late lavish lazy lean
legal lethal light likeable

little lively long longing
lovely loving low lowly lucky lush

madly magenta magical many massive mere
mighty minor modern mysterious

naive narrow nasty needy
nervous new nice noisy nutritious

obedient obscene odd
offbeat old orange ordinary organic oval

painful parched peaceful perfect
periodic phobic pleasant possessive pretty proud purple

quack quick quiet

rainy rare rebel red
roasted round royal

sad scary scientific selective shallow
shocking short silly sincere skinny sloppy slow small
spicy splendid spooky strange

taboo tacit talented tall tangible tender tight tiny
tough towering tricky

ugly ultra uneven
unusual upbeat upset uptight

vague various vast
venomous volatile vulgar

wacky warm wary wasteful
weak wealthy wet wicked wide woozy

yellow yielding young youthful yummy