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World Wide Web

The World Wide Web was invented by the English computer scientist Timothy Berners-Lee in 1989. At the time, he was working at CERN, a particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea, and created the software and tools needed for the Web. The first web page went online in 1991.

In 1989, the early internet was mostly a network of computers at colleges and laboratories. CERN was the largest internet node in Europe. Tim Berners-Lee wrote to his bosses about his idea for a large network of pages that would live on the internet. They supported his work, but they didn’t find commercial support at the time. Berners-Lee went ahead and built the tools for the web anyway, and had the main ones ready by the end of 1990.

  • Tim Berners-Lee posted the first web page on August 6, 1991. The address was, which now has a copy of the first web page, and information about the beginning of the World Wide Web.

  • It is important to know the difference between the World Wide Web and the internet. The internet is the network of computers that information travels between. The World Wide Web is made up of all the web pages that are stored on these computers. Many other types of information move on the internet.

  • Tim Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004, and has received many other awards and honors for developing the World Wide Web.

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee is currently the director of the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as the W3C. The W3C discusses changes to the way the Web operates, and sets standards for web programming languages and browser software.

  • The World Wide Web reached 1 billion websites in September, 2014.

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