Coca Cola - History of Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Do you like to drink Coca-Cola, or Coke? Coke is one brand of soft drink or "pop." It is called a "soft" drink because it doesn't have alcohol in it, and "pop" because it is carbonated. The carbonation is what makes the Coke fizz and bubble. Most people around the world recognize Coke as a brand and have tried Coke at some time. But, there was a time when Coke-or any type of soft drink-did not exist.

Coke was invented by a pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton in Atlanta, GA in 1886. Mr. Pemberton had the idea that this drink could help people who had health problems. People who were suffering from aches, pains, headaches and fatigue might feel better if they drank it. Coke was first sold in pharmacies. In fact, people lined up outside of pharmacies to get this new drink.

Mr. Pemberton did not live long enough to see Coke become famous. Frank Robinson is the man who marketed the drink. In 1891, Giggs Candler took over the company, and it grew even more. Mr. Candler hired salesmen who traveled around the country selling the drink.

Coke did not always help people who were sick, and some of them were mad. So, the company decided not to sell the drink as a medicine or drug. Instead, Coca-Cola was just marketed as a drink to be enjoyed at social events. Coke can be enjoyed by itself, but it is also sometimes mixed with other things. You can add ice cream to Coke to make a Coke float. Some people also mix Coke with alcoholic drinks.

Today, Coke is one of the most popular soft drinks on the market. The company also now sells many different flavors of soft drinks. The company has added water, lemonade, and sports drinks to its list of products, too.

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