Chainsaw - History of Chainsaw


Does your family own a chainsaw? Have you ever seen a chainsaw used to cut trees, logs, or other types of wood? Have you even seen scary movies that have chainsaws in them?

A chainsaw is used to cut wood. It has a chain with a set of teeth that moves around a saw blade. The chainsaw his been around for a long time.

Bernard Heine developed the first chainsaw in 1830. Originally, the blade turned with the help of a wheel, but later a chain was put on the blade to help cut logs. This early chainsaw was very heavy to move, and it was never very effective.

In 1861, Hamilton developed a chainsaw that looked like a rowing machine and this was easier to work with on a daily basis. In 1929, the gasoline chainsaw was developed by Andreas Stihl. This was perfect for woodcutting, and it was easy to move. Joseph Buford Cox is famous for inventing the chipper chain saw. It has a C-shaped jaw.

Over the years, the chainsaw became lighter and easier to manage. Safety features have also been added. Some chainsaws also have safety features that cause the chainsaw to stop when there is "kickback." Even with the built-in safety features, most people who work with chainsaws also wear safety glasses and thick work gloves.

The chainsaw is now a commonplace tool worldwide. It is used in many industries. It is also used by many people to do yardwork or cut wood at their own homes.

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