Can Opener - History of Can Opener

Can Opener

Most homes today have a can opener. This is because most of us have some canned food in our homes. Canning food is a great way to make foods last longer, and a can opener is the tool that we use to easily open the cans. Today, we can buy cans of pretty much any type of food-meats, fruits, vegetables, pastas, and soups.

The idea of "canning" food to make it last longer originally began with glass cans. Peter Durand invented the first "tin" cans for food in the 1800s. In 1813, these first cans were developed for the British Navy. However, these were difficult to get into. They were made of iron and weighed more than the food inside! The instructions for opening the cans said "open with hammer and chisel."

Thinner tin cans were developed around 1860. In 1858, Ezra Warner developed the first version of the "can opener." It worked like a bayonet and sickle. The "bayonet" punctured the can, and the sickle lifted the lid up by turning it. This can opener was only available at the store-cans were opened before the customer left the store.

William Lyman invented a different version in 1866. This newer can opener had a wheel that allowed for the opener to turn around the can. This is the type of can opener we still use today.

Over the years, the can opener has been improved, and now many people have electric can openers. It still works the same, but you don't have to turn it yourself. However, it is a good idea to keep a can opener that is not electric in your house. If the power goes out, you still have a way to open canned food that doesn't have to be heated.

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