Thesis Statement Formula

Thesis Statement Formula

Definition: A thesis statement is the most important part of an essay or research paper. In this single sentence expressed the main idea of the text that is being developed. It can be found at the end of the introduction of a work and it is very specific by answering the main question or objective of the essay. You need to have a very specific idea about the topic you are going to develop in the body of the essay, so you can express better the thesis statement that will work as a summary for the readers. After you have this idea, you need to write the statement or sentence that summarized the topic and your opinion about to.

Formula: An adequate thesis statement should content not more than 2 sentences. There are two types of statements, each of them correspondents to a type of essay, a persuasive statement and an informative (or explanatory) statement. In the persuasive statement, you will write your opinion and the reasons behind it, meanwhile, in the informative statement, you will inform your ideas and the conclusion you get after studying them. A possible template you can use for writing an argumentative thesis statement is:

___________ is true due to ___________.

For an informative thesis statement there is not a particular template to follow up. You must create an statement considering the information you want to pass to your readers.

Example: Argumentative thesis statement:

"Reading about the current situation in the place you are visiting will give you a safe travel because you will be aware of dangerous situation".

"The mango juice is the best juice in the world because it is full of vitamins".

Informative thesis statement:

"To have a safe travel, you must read about the current situation in the country you are visiting".

"there are many delicious juices, one of them is the mango juice".

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