Weight Formula

Weight Formula

Weight is the force exerted on a body by the action of the local gravitational field acting on the mass of the body. The magnitude of the weight of an object, from the operational definition of weight, depends only on the intensity of the local gravitational field and the mass of the body, in a strict sense.

That is why the weight of an object on earth is different from the weight of that same object on the moon.

weight = mass * gravity

The equation is written

w = m*g

We have:
w = weight
m = mass
g = gravity

Weight Formula Questions:

1) Determine the weight of a person's mass is 65 kg, consider gravity on earth as 9.8 m/s2.

Answer: In order to determine the weight of the person in the earth we only have to apply the previous formula. Where m = 65 kg and g = 9.8 m/s2.

w = m*g

w = 65 kg* 9.8 m/s2

w = 637 Nw.

2) If a person weighs on the moon 200 Nw, how much is his mass? consider gravity on the moon as 1.6 m/s2.

Answer: Using the equation described above, clearing the mass value, where w = 200 Nw and g = 1.6 m/s2.

w = m*g
m = w/g
m = 200 Nw/ 1.6 m/s2
M = 125 kg.

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